The Co-curricular activities are introduced to ensure physical, cultural, intellectual and emotional development of the students and to develop the social consciousness, aesthetics and orientation.  By providing a conducive and encouraging environment, the students are mentored to participate in a variety of intra and inter school, inter house competitions as per schedule. 

These include club activities, sports, games activities and cultural activities.  The clubs include literary, science, mathematics, social science etc.    

The following are a few activities conducted in the Vidyalaya.


Measles Rubella Vaccination Campaign under the universal immunization programme covered for 403 students from the classes 6th to 10th inclusive of staff wards on 17.02.2017 except Class XI & XII.   The programme was carried out by the officials nearby PHC, Burudagunte Smt.Zeenath and Smt. Varalakshmi under the guidance of Dr. C. Bharath, CMO from PHC, Chelur.    

1.      Fogging was done in JNV Campus on 23.06.2017 as a preventive measure against mosquitoe menace and observance of National Deworming Day was conducted on 10.08.2017.


4.     71st Independence Day was celebrated on 15.08.2017 in the campus of JNV, Yenigadale, Chikkaballapura District with great fervour.  Students varying from Class 6th to Class 12th spoke in three languages  English, Hindi and Kannada on this occasion recollecting the sacrifices of freedom fighters.

5.       Hindi pakhwada was Celebrated from 1st   to 14th September 2017.  Various competitions were conducted namely Essay writing, Hand writing, Skit, Patriotic Song, Recitation competition etc., to promote and propogate Hindi Language.

6.       Swachh Bharath Cleaning Drive Programme and Special Activities were conducted every Staturday under Swachh Bharath Mission introduced by Sri. Narendra Modi(Prime Minister) to make India clean as per the dream of Mahatma Gandhi.

7.       Kannada Rajyothsava  was celebrated in the month of November 2017, with various literary and cultural activities and competitions conducted to evoke the spirit of Kannada Langauage.

8.       In light of the general physical well being of students a Eye Medical Check up was conducted on 22.01.2018.

9.       Communal Harmony Campaign week including Flag  Day was observed on 25.11.2017.  Activities were conducted throughout the week to foster and reinforce the spirit of Communal harmony and national integration among the students.

10.   National Book Week, a regular successful literary and creative campaign, was conducted from 14th to 20th November 2017.  As usual, activities were conducted keeping in mind the objective of Jawaharlal Nehru to spread the book reading culture, thereby creating a learning society.

11.   Constitution Day was observed on 26th November 2017 to promote constitutional values among the future citizens of India.

12.   Worlds Aids Day was celebrated on 1st December 2017.

13.   The Alumni Meet for the year 2017 was organized on 03.12.2017.  Other than cherishing their nostalgic moments, they provided scholarships and contributed their help in career orientation programme.

14.   As per the guidelines of NCERT, “Ganit Saptah” was organized from 20.12.2017 to 24.12.2017 to celebrate the Birth Anniversary of the Legendary Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam.  The Various activities conducted were quiz competition, project etc.,



Group Dance Competition for Sr. Boys and Girls on 17.06.2017

  1. Group Dance Competition for Jr. Boys and Girls on 28.06.2017
  2. Essay Writing Competition for Jr. & Sr. Category on 21.06.2017
  3. Drawing Competition for Jr. & Sr. Category on 21.06.2017
  4. English Skit for Jr. & Sr. Category on 08.07.2017
  5. Poem Recitation Kannada & English for Jr. & Sr. Category on 15.07.2017
  6. Cartoon Drawing for Jr. & Sr. Category on 22.07.2017
  7. Quiz competition on 09.08.2017
  8. Essay writing  Competition on 10.08.2017
  9. Debate Competition on 12.08.2017
  10. Patriotic Slogan Writing competition on 11.08.2017
  11. Mime Show on 28.10.2017
  12. For Kannada Rajyotsava

a.    Calligraphy on 01.11.2017

b.    Essay Writing on 02.11.2017

c.     Debate on 03.11.2017

d.    Quiz on 04.11.2017

e. Anthakshari on 04.11.2017