About Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya


              It was felt that children with special talent or aptitude should be provided opportunities to proceed at a faster pace, by making good quality education available to them, irrespective of their capacity to pay for it. These talented children otherwise would have been deprived of quality modern education traditionally available only in the urban areas. Such education would enable students from rural areas to compete with their urban counterparts on an equal footing. The National Policy on Education-1986 envisaged the setting up of residential schools, to be called Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas that would bring out the best of rural talent.

It can be used as a document for decentralization of administration through formation of various committees for ensuring participatory management. The process of framing the Institutional Plan by the concerned committee at the Vidyalaya level is initiated well in advance and kept ready for implementation at least one week in advance of the new academic session 2014-15.
The main objectives of the scheme are:
1)     To provide qualitative, modern education to talented rural children.
2)     To ensure that the students attain a reasonable level of competence in three languages.
3)     To serve in the district a focal point for improvement of quality in school education.
4)      Creating the environment to bring out the best among the teachers and students.
5)      Adopt modern education techniques.
6)      Freedom of experimentation and innovation.
                            Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Yenigadale was established in the year 1986. The first batch of 72 students joined on 05.12.1986 and the Vidyalaya started functioning in the temporary building provided by the State Government. The Vidyalaya is full-fledged with a sprawling and superb campus of 30 acres, which abounds with various types of trees spreading greenery everywhere.
To achieve 100% result with 75% subject average in all  the subjects in Board  and Non Board Classes.
By paying additional attention to the slow learners and evolving special remediation schedule right from day one. Introducing phase wise supervised study, remediation and providing resource material, challenging assignments and extra guidelines. Adopting measures of remediation and enrichment and ensuring the implementation of action plan of each subject.
Implementation of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
As per the CBSE and NVS guidelines Effectively implementing  of CCE
To develop communication skills
By setting up of language labs to enhance language learning competency and drawing a special action plan in developing writing, reading and speaking skills.
To develop analytical skills and scientific temper
Developing Mathematics and Junior Science labs to uplift analytical and scientific skills
To emerge as mini society.
By developing sense of belongingness and encouraging students in decision making and by planning and implementing programmes and schedule of the Vidyalaya to the level of students.
To inculcate life skills
By exposing students to different tasks and encouraging them to take leading role in and outside Vidyalaya.
To beautify the Vidyalaya campus
By carrying extension of beautification and maintaining the existing one.
To establish good interpersonal relations
By practicing transparency in administration and developing sense of belongingness and team spirit among the stakeholders, keeping the administration sensitive and building a role model.